Community Hub

Community Hub

This is a space where we will create community crowdsourced tools to support parent advocates.

Anyone can contribute additional text to these tools over time. All submissions will be reviewed by website admin and placed in the right order. For example, on the parent-teacher conferences tool, there will be sections on things to do: before meeting; at the start of the meeting; in the middle of the meeting; at the end of the meeting; after the meeting. If in one year’s time you have something new to contribute for something to do at the start of a meeting, the comment will be inserted into that section of the tool once approved with either “anonymous” or your screen name attached to it (as you prefer).

Do you have a community hub topic that we should add or modify? Send us a message at with the subject COMMUNITY HUB.

tall wood sculpture a bit like a cross between human, imagined alien, and tree person, made by a child

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