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Parents Alliance for Inclusion is incorporated in the state of Nebraska in the United States

For standard mail correspondence, our address is:

Parents Alliance for Inclusion
c/o Dave Pantos
1402 Jones Street, Suite 327
Omaha, NE 68102

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Our logo is designed by Xoài David.

Images other than our logo seen on our website are artworks of registered members’ children displayed on our site. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for a more detailed answer on our why for displaying our community’s art. A separate page of our site dedicated to the subject of our site’s Artwork, and how to submit Artwork from your family, is under construction.

Email us at facilitators@parentsallianceforinclusion.com

Pascal Case is easier to read for those using screen readers.

Therefore, on social media we use Pascal Case hashtags:

















Is information on our “about” page that we should add or modify? Send us a message at faciltators@parentsallianceforinclusion.com with the subject ABOUT.

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Please contact us at facilitators@parentsallianceforinclusion.com or use one of our forms.

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