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The Parents Alliance for Inclusion advocates for expansive student support services for neurodivergent and disabled students at international schools.

To strengthen our community capacity to advocate, we have a growing resource directory. We believe the first step to building parent advocacy is providing parents with resources to advocate for and support the needs of their family.

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Provide resources and rationales for quality learning

At Parents Alliance for Inclusion, the parents of neurodivergent and disabled students advocate for their children’s equitable access to high quality education in the international school community.

We provide resources and rationales for quality learning support that continues from early childhood through high school; and asserts the inherent value of diverse learners.

The Parents Alliance for Inclusion was founded in the summer of 2023 and officially launched in November 2023.

Parents Alliance for Inclusion aggregates information of resources and services parents have used and mentioned. Parents Alliance for Inclusion does not recommend any services, or points of view, as correct or the right fit for your family. Each family and each child with additional needs is different. Due diligence is the responsibility of each individual accessing this information.

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